About us

Crafty, creative snacks for every fun moment 

Snackish, adjective : To be in a state of light hunger, or desirous of munchies. 


Snackish Sausages was born in 2020 in North Vancouver. All our artisanal sausages are made with love, using only locally sourced ingredients, and meat raised without antibiotics or hormones. 


Our favorite way to eat is to cook different dishes, put everything in the middle of the table, and share with friends and family. Our goal is to create snacks, including sausages, that can be fun, tasty and surprising. Our favorite snacks are the ones that bring people together. 

Who are we?

Tom Looijschelder and Émilie Gratton-Looijschelder!
Tom was born and raised in The Netherlands, and moved to Montréal in 2013 after meeting Émilie on a backpacking trip in Indonesia. With a bachelor degree in Food Design and Innovation from HAS Den Bosch University, a Hotel & Management degree and real life experience of living on the top of his parent's grocery store all his life, Tom has a contagious passion about food and entertaining. He is the creative mind behind all of our products!
Émilie was born in Montreal and lived there since moving to BC in 2019. With a major in Psychology and a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences, she is in charge of marketing and customer care for Snackish Sausages. She is the self-proclaimed Chief Dishes Officer.